St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Àine Virginia McCambridge White / SMP 2018

Take Two Twins

Take Two Twins is an investigation into the comparing of twins through polaroid images: I wanted to try to provide a visual answer to the question what is it like to be a twin? I have always been hyper aware of the fact that I am an identical twin; and as any twin knows, this means a lifetime of being compared to your “other half”. But are we halves of the same entity, or two separate independent beings? Besides our looks, do we have more similarities than average siblings? Has this obsession with appearances, this constant, inescapable, incomplete sense of comparison affected the way I have developed my own personal identity? To answer these questions, I must not just be a twin, I have to stand back and analyze what being a twin means. It is an act of self-seeing that necessitates developing ways by which relationships can be examined and persons compared. With our outward genetic similarities, like our identical facial structures and hair color, being so easily recognizable there are still so many differences that become clear and evident after only a brief time spent with us. I created graphic designs as a futile attempt to analyze and compare the content in each photograph, which are intentionally NOT focusing on appearance.  I employed these diagrams in an ironic way because in the long run I don't think it is comparable. Beyond our outward appearances, our differences in personality, and interests construct us as two individuals.