St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Caiti Sullivan / SMP year


Architectural boundaries are a metaphor for social boundaries; each structures our behaviors and routines that shape our lives. In my life, I feel pressured by domestic limits that feel unchangeable. Through my work, I am in search of what these limits really are, and how I can change them. Part of me will always exist in the domestic boundaries that I question, but I seek ways to make new routines, spaces, and images that shape a world where I can define what lifestyle makes me happy.

I want to create a world where boundaries are a source of constant reinvention. I have created a room full of mirrors that break up the architectural boundaries of the space through multiple reflections.  The mirrors reflect the boundaries that exist and work to subvert them. With projected video performance, I refill the room by performing domestic routines, because I wonder if domesticity can be reconsidered as the architecture is. I hope that viewers will see themselves, within these boundaries, but able to recreate them. I see myself in this space, and because it is not one space, but many, I can ask myself what is possible to build anew.