St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Daniel Skibicki / SMP 2016


Growing up as a closeted homosexual, I would be confronted with issues and decisions that I was not able to talk to anyone about. Art slowly became my outlet for these conflicts and in doing so, my works became cathartic. The act of making a drawing becomes an important part of self-reflection. They are the manner by which I would come to terms with and more deeply understand what was going on in my own life and how I was dealing with the stress of hiding my true self. Through drawing I create semi autobiographical narratives that often times are told in three parts. I draw on personal experiences pertaining to my relationship with being gay.

In order to create this experience as the maker, become the outside viewer looking in. Voyeurism is an act of viewing a situation from the outside. Persons on the inside do not know they are being observed. Even though I tried to hide my inner turmoil, I always thought that someone was on to me, that someone was watching and that they knew my secret. After coming to terms with myself, I would often think in retrospect about the way in which I handled things and even how things are handled through a voyeuristic lens. In a way of speaking, I drew the actions of my younger self through the eyes of my older self. This body of work is no longer about my younger self but is a story that reflects my own perspective of the gay dating culture as a grown gay man. Conflicts with the notion of self, feelings of shame and constant loneliness, are not specific solely to the gay community or me but are crucial in unraveling untold stories.