St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Laine Donovan / SMP 2010

Thought Wandering

Through the medium of painting, I explore questions related to essential qualities of nature and the way sensory and cognitive perceptions of the world vary. A painting is an object, as well as a representation or illusion of something else. It has the ability to create tension between what is considered real and what is considered an illusion. My process involves a translation of images of nature into abstraction. I use abstract form as a means of visually depicting the way different aspects of nature are connected and involved in constant change. The images that I make have an elongated format so that the viewer has to move his/her focus across the image over time. This action engages the viewer in the idea that a landscape is impossible to experience within a single moment.

In making art, I can only represent one individual view; an illusion of how life can be understood. In fact, one may posit that all perceptions of reality are only illusions when compared to any other view, and I happen to believe that the illusion is what makes life interesting. This perceptual way of understanding the world is only my illusion of reality, but I invite you to experience it with me.