St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Anuli Duru / SMP 2014

To Have and To Hold

My performance piece is a critique of the western image of marriage and weddings as defined by an industry fueled by social media, marketing, and consumerism. Marriage and the wedding are major milestones in one’s life and hold great symbolic meaning because it is the physical and spiritual union between two people. Yet overtime, due to influences of television, social media, mass-marketing and high consumer demands, the constructs of marriage and the wedding have become an industry where people can buy their dream wedding. Moreover, symbol of the wedding as the joining of two individuals have been replaced by the wedding dress as well as the visual aesthetics of the ceremony.

This performance piece imagines the socially constructed images of marriage, the wedding, and the industry that surrounds them, as the literal manufacturing of brides and the advertising of the dress. This piece performs some of the ritualistic actions of the ceremony such as the procession of the bridesmaids, the flower girl, and then the bride, while also performing the repetitive and simultaneous tasks of a machine producing multiples of the same product. In this case, there are several brides who begin as people and end as products.