St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Laura Hausheer / 2012

Read the Pictures, See the Words: The Creation of a Children’s Book

In paper cutting pieces of paper are subtracted and added as a way to re-experience the identity of paper.  The paper itself does not change, I do not burn it or shred it or mutilate it, instead I make creative changes that alter the way the audience perceives the paper. Paper cutting is a medium that lends itself to story telling in the way the images come out of the paper itself. My work is three- dimensional and every part of it is connected. This relates to the theme of my work, identity formation.  Sometimes we get so busy driving around in our cars, talking on our cellphones, working on our computers, we forget who we really are.  We are part of our surroundings, we are connected to everyone we come in contact with, they shape us, and we are shaped by them.

The narrative that occurs within my book is one that relates to me as the creator of the book, as an artist.  As Charli’s identity forms over time she finds herself wearing various “hats” which serve as symbols of identity within the story. As an artist and as an author I found myself trying on various “hats” as I personally went through a process of self-discovery, developing the narrative and illustrations of my book while coming to terms with my style of storytelling.