St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Olivia Garahan / SMP 2015

everything is exactly the same

I make art as a method of documenting the reality of the world around me, and the work I produce is an aestheticized, heightened, and self­ contained version of that reality. In my installation, everything is exactly the same, I have created an edited, utopian version of nature that interacts with and responds to movement in the space. The conceptual background for this piece can be found in my past work. Because of my strong foundation in photography, I naturally view my art, no matter the medium, through a photographic lens. My urge to aestheticize every aspect of a work heavily influences the type of work I produce and the materials I use. The choices I make when creating art, be it embroidery, photography, or installation, are not meant to ignore reality or change it, but instead to amplify the beauty of what I’m capturing or representing.