St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Mia Thuro / SMP 2018


Every day I think about the state of our environment. About the destruction that has been caused and how the way many of us live our lives negatively affects different ecosystems and animals. Almost everything we do has a consequence, and I can’t escape feeling a pang of guilt every time I start my car or use a paper cup to get coffee. Day after day I go to my environmental studies classes, and I leave feeling sad and hopeless, like there is nothing I can do. Why am I even bothering with trying to change anything? But I have to do something. I couldn’t live with myself if I sat by idly and did nothing. The environment and animals do not have a voice. I have to be their voice. This project allows me to do that as I study different keystone species and their impacts on the environment, and the environmental issues affecting them, but in a more hopeful way. This project is to advocate for the incredible species that inhabit this Earth by bringing awareness to their importance. Through scientific and imaginative illustrations, I aim to educate viewers on why these species are important, and why they are worth saving.