St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Alan Frampton / SMP 2018

Project Title

This body of artwork aims to capture a feeling created by specific types of movement and moments in time. In my work I combine color and gestures to capture that feeling of wind and water. I make marks that flow and twist. I can place a shape that moves through this flow. In my work “Swirl” I show the flow around a pivot reinforced by a spiral black broken line that leads the viewer into the center of the vortex.

I don’t limit myself to scenes I have seen. I can imagine liquids in motion and reacting to objects. I place lines to show what has moved, how it moved, what has been left behind, and what the feeling of that movement is. Color, depth, and width of line all have a part in helping me convey the feeling of place. I found paper is a medium that responded to my ideas.

Paper was something I always painted or printed on. I show movement by brushstroke and lines. I capture the moment of lift off, in the case of my work “Aeolus”. I capture the moment of a galloping flight in “Pegasus.”  I tried to capture the feeling of sail boats on the St Mary’s River in 3-dimensional form with “Pania” The work depicts vertical sail forms with a following curving horizontal wake. Capturing movement in place and time and bringing a feeling to that depiction is what my work is about.