St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Jackson Holden / SMP 2015


My work is the result of using gesture in an abstract way. For me gesture is defined as a meaningful action; it is not only my process but also my subject matter. As subject matter, I look for gesture in things like cranes, bikes, sailboats and other mechanical devices that rely on balance and create movement. I construct my steel pieces to be physically balanced, thus resulting in a compositional balance that imparts this experience to the viewer. The motion of the work comes from the angles, lines, and forms that the pieces have. They are the result of me moving my body to construct these works just the same way a musician constructs a piece of music.
In my process I look to objects with an expressive meaning to them, that I can then arrange like a gestural drawing in space. These found objects allow me to work quickly and on impulse to make marks that can then be focused back on the gestures they create without having to focus on building masses, lines, or forms. The fact that these sculptures have to be physically constructed means that, they require meaningful actions that result in a gestural compositions.