St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Alyson Moore / SMP 2011


Where we are standing is not new, but it is not old. It is always moving and forever fixed, ever expanding and ever collapsing, the rise and fall of a thousand lifetimes at once. I'm interested in the places where we overlap: where the past and the present become looped in the future, where strangers meet without knowing, and coincide without intention.

We are walking Venn diagrams, thousands of millions of moments overlapping in the places we go and objects we touch. Have you ever stood at a gas pump and wondered whom the last person to fill their tank was? Where were they going? Where were they leaving? What car, were they driving, and why? Or picked up a used book, and noticed the notes scrawled in the corner, tiny underlines mapping back a moment? Fingerprints pressed to the pages, only to be picked up by another.

My work is about that wonder. It is about unpacking these overlaps and standing amongst the vibrating layers. I want to create a dialogue between people and moments that are forever intertwined, though rarely acknowledged.