St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Kelton Bumgarner / SMP 2010


"If you want to destroy a barn, a farmer once told me, ʻcut an eighteen-inchsquare hole in the roof. Then stand back." - architect Chris Riddle.

I have always been interested in how the objects around me are transformed by nature once they become discarded. Everything that is created goes through a life cycle; objects decay because of rain and rot, but they also grow into new forms by merging with plants and mold that transform their surfaces. By exploring many photographic processes, my work in this exhibition represents different aspects of decay. Like the farmer, I am able to stand back and watch nature take its course. By documenting and decaying the object, I am able to make connections between my own idealized view of representation, and how I am able to shift my perception of these places and my perception of them as images. I want a tension within the image that is created between the preciousness of the surface and the depreciated aesthetic of its source. I am interested in finding visually compelling aspects of these decayed objects; finding beauty where we wouldnʼt normally go looking for it.