St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Marianna Jackson / SMP 2015


My art aims to elevate the conventional and the popular. I pair rough, used materials with large, vibrant organic imagery in order to enhance or elevate items that are seen as ordinary. My material use is crucial to the construction and concept of my art. I intentionally choose to remodel found materials because I feel that the re-gentrification and decorative enhancement of the piece is the primary foundation for my work. I find that by carefully treating, staining, and painting unrefined materials, I am able to create a work that both references popular design and academic illusion. I illustrate my works on found goods that often hold a strong tie to the material world because the pairing allows me to draw ironic divide between material and flat organic imagery.

While I realize that popular culture does not contribute to advancing the greater goals of humanity, as an artist I find it alluring. I embrace the stylistic choices of mainstream culture and mimic or lightly ridicule the absurdity of what is popular. My imagery is arranged and framed to most closely parody motifs from textiles, surface patterns, advertisements, and popular snapshot imagery. I paint using natural imagery, but most visuals have not been drawn or painted from life. Therefore, like popular culture and the objects I use as surfaces for my paintings are contrived stand-ins or reflections of the natural world.