St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Nina Harris / SMP 2018

Eredità Sicula

Art was always a way for my family to come together and celebrate our family’s culture and traditions. The beautiful Sicilian artwork that fills the walls of many of relative’s homes has always fascinated and amazed me. The history and culture that is captured in these, plates, trinkets, dolls and paintings that fill their homes helps to preserve the culture and traditions of my family's ancestors. My Sicilian heritage is something that helped to shape and form my own identity. My fascination with my family’s history and culture has led me to explore my identity as a part of this culture. I have decided to explore this identity through the medium of fashion and clothing. Clothing and fashion has always played a major role in creating and proclaiming an identity. Throughout my SMP experience I have searched for the aspect of Sicilian culture that I identify with the most. I want to capture the emotion and connection that I have with the culture and express through the clothing I wear. In my artwork I am utilizing historical imagery such as traditional emblems and religious patterns and figures as well as cultural motifs such as native plants and geographic features of the island. I am also utilizing and pulling inspiration from many personal family items. This mixture creates a design that unique to my own experience and identity.