St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Mayris Rios / SMP 2018

Virtual Reality

By merging my scientific mind with my creative mind, I am able to produce new artistic immersive experiences. These experiences are meant to play with concepts of the virtual space. Virtual Reality technology enables that, and that is pushed forward through my art making.

When my father passed away last summer, I was devastated. When reflecting on his passing, I began to see images of seemingly unrelated objects appear in my mind. It was not until deep contemplation that I had realized the significance of these objects. Objects such as my father’s military boots brought back strong positive memories that I had personally experienced with him. I wanted to share these objects with my viewers, along with the journey I took during the grieving process.

The environment replicates the Puerto Rican mountains. My father and I share memories of traversing the mountains together. Our only company was the croaks of the Coqui frogs. Despite the isolation, the mountains were peaceful. My father’s calm appreciation for his home had made me feel welcome. In my piece, the ocean is loud. The rain is pouring harshly. The trees are shaking. It is tense. However, within the mountains lays beacons of light that guide the viewer through the mountain, as my father has guided me during my youth. My work leads the viewer through struggles that have taken presence in my past as well as in my mind. They join me in my journey of letting go and will find relief once they reach the mountain’s end.