St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Victoria Gottleib / SMP 2015

Exposing the Layers: An Experience of Discovery

My art emphasizes process over product: when I create art, I create experience.  The physical act of producing art is an intimate engagement in a process of self-discovery.  Making art is my way of considering the unique thoughts, feelings, and experiences that mold my sense of self.  This is why I make self-portraits.  Previously, I created self-portraits that explored issues of self-image in the context of my struggles with bulimia.  Making these self-portraits allowed me to express my own representations of myself.  Throughout my life, I let others’ perceptions define me, but by making self-portraits, I took control and counteracted that.  I found the act of authoring representations of myself so empowering that I sought to extend this experience to others.