St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Stephania Mercado / SMP 2014

Recycling St. Mary’s

The volume of trash amounting in the United States has increased over the years not only due to overconsumption but also because of our uninformed society. We have created a Consumer-based society where the purchasing of materials is highly based on aesthetics. Our materialistic society has raised many concerns with economy fluctuations and the exhaustion of natural resources. I want to use art to bring awareness to the public, specifically the St. Mary’s community, regarding the harmful effects of waste on the environment. I want to help people realize that they can help both the economy and the environment by reusing materials to create functional objects such as clothes, tables, chairs, bags, lamps, candles, etc.

Art is a great way to change personal attitudes about the environment, it enhances motivation and it makes the experience a lot more personal for the viewer. Unlike environmental and economic policies art promotes a more visual and hands-on experience. Current policies provide communities with blue recycling bins but they do not inform or educate them on where the material is going or how it is being discarded. I want to help my community look into their creative side and use their imagination. We tend to lose creativity as we grow up but the more we embrace it the more positive change can be made in our society. By repurposing found materials and recyclables into something useful everyone can collaborate to create a better future for ourselves and the environment.