St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Cole Meyerhoff / SMP 2016


I am fascinated with structure. From as early as I was capable; no Lego, rock, board or beam has been safe from my hands that seek to construct. This desire has been guided by my love for material and process but most importantly my passion for bringing concepts into physical existence. All That is Left is a piece about the issues that I find important, communicated through the materials and process that I am passionate about. The steer’s skull is not simply an expression of my interpretation of Americana or iconic scenery of the American west. The piece is a source for dialogue about Americana and American history along with our relationship with the environment. Such a work is not like the other sculptures that I have made to date as I have pushed myself to step into the realm of work that utilizes abstraction to communicate an idea.

All That is Left is a work that engages with the history of industry in America. Through the use of steel; an industry that once flourished in the U.S., yet now flounders and all the while has remained entangled with environmental issues, the piece brings attention to our past and relationship with the natural world. The steer’s head itself, as it would be found sun-bleached, half sticking from the Earth and morbid as it is also engages in a dialog about our relationship with the environment and our historically, extremely destructive practices. The work is not intended as a dark foreshadowing of our future and the future of the environment but as a piece that facilitates a conversation of our relationship with the natural world.