St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Montse Ferrer / SMP 2010

Small Odds

I make art based on the little moments in my environment ranging from small sounds, changes in light, reflections and other sensual encounters. The long winter has inspired me to create a series of paintings based on the physical sensations and visual events that I experience daily. The paintings focus on the optical effects achieved when light and dark pigments are married together on a field of a single color. These works carry a specific mood in comparison to pieces I have done in other seasons; a mood darkened and dulled by the elements, but brought to life with small moments of light.

Each one of my paintings is an exploration of texture and tools, as I vary using toothpicks, knives, syringes and sticks to splatter, pull, puddle and drag my paint across the surface. It is a meditative process, one that is all about the paint, my hands, my tools and the surfaces onto which I embed my images. I see beauty in working on a process where a painting is born from a single gesture or moment that can’t be repeated. My marks become maps, water, paths and veins; all traces of what I experience throughout the day.