St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Anna Groman / SMP 2015

We Will Not Die Old Together

The reality of the situation is we live on a planet so overpopulated that people are beginning to make estimates as to when it will end. We spend our whole lives surrounded by others but only really know a handful of them. And then one day, just as suddenly as they arrived, they leave. You may wonder how one can ever truly be alone, but I can be alone in a manner of ways - the physical presence of other human beings does not necessarily add or subtract from my underlying sense of aloneness.

In We Will Not Die Old Together I address this feeling of being alone by representing, in a variety of ways, the number of people we will not know when we die. The people in my installation are present only as images. Their presence is virtual, their identities constructed. They are closed off from the viewer behind screens and boxes so that the viewer cannot interact with them. They cannot speak to you, you cannot feel them as you would real people, they are simply THINGS rather than BEINGS. It is this lack of connection which isolates the viewer from their surroundings, finally leaving them with the realization that We Will Not Die Old Together.