St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Charles Wacker / SMP 2014

Social Media

In both art and life, I am never content to stand still. This aspect of myself has come to define a portion of my identity as person but also how I define myself as an artist.  As a recent result of this, interactivity in art has become more important to me. I want my art reach out to the audience and take on an active role in the world. This body of work includes two-dimensional mixed media as well as public three-dimensional mixed media installation and performance.

Social Media is a body of work that engages the audience as collaborator and reflects my experiences with art as a platform for interaction and exchange. It represents my relationship with my community and my audience, in addition to my presence in the community as a maker of art.   St. Mary’s College of Maryland outlines several of its core values and goals around the importance of “community.” (As stated on the college website, the administration hopes to create “a spirit of community revolving around our students” in addition to “promoting and maintain a community built upon respect”) As a seemingly beneficial way to engage my immediate community as an artist, I began the project by questioning and exploring the degree to which St. Mary’s community members, including myself, desire to manifest these ideals both in their own lives and with other community members.