St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

William Raulin / SMP 2014

Ocean Dwelling

In Ocean Dwelling, I convey my experiences and relationship with water through an immersive video installation. I fully encapsulate the viewer with fabric in order to force them to focus on the content at hand. I am creating a cinematic experience in order to instill a feeling of progression in my audience. Everyone has preconceptions of water, which will lead them to project their own associations onto my installation. I’m interested in exploring how my audience’s varying reactions to my content differ from my own.

I incorporate elements of sculpture and digital media into my installation to reinforce the interactivity and immersion. Ocean Dwelling utilizes an Xbox Kinect to locate and track the various users that enter the space. People increase the speed and volume of the projected video as they enter the space and decrease the speed and volume as they exit. This effect reflects the dynamic aspect of water - calm at times while turbulent at others. I create a small, contained space in order to better encapsulate the viewer. Video is rear-projected on the sculpture to allow the viewer to get closer to the image without casting a shadow. The audio plays from multiple, overhead speakers to better engulf the viewers.