St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Tara Hutton / SMP 2011

Accepting Stories

I want to share stories through my art. These stories are about all of the relationships we have with people in our lives. To create these stories, we have to connect to others, and share parts of our selves with another person. In return, that person gives us a piece of his or her life. The stories in my art are created from the connections people forge with each other, and they manifest as interactions between people. I need an active audience to help me create the essential aspect of the artwork through interaction with my objects. The dolls are the visual aspect of the art, but what are most important are the potential interactions with the public.

The gallery and web space the art exists on are to give you a place to be relaxed and experiment with these dolls, which gently question and subvert cultural norms. The poet Rainer Maria Rilke writes of a concept he calls "blood remembering"—he defines it as creating art out of the many experiences of our lives. He explains that it is difficult to evoke a feeling or experience that we as individuals haven't had. That is why I ask you to come in and interact with the art, and share your own experiences and stories, and assist me in creating the artwork.

The piece can be viewed and interacted with in its entirety online at