St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Rachel Heiss/ SMP 2014

The Bigger Picture

Painting gives me the ability to visualize information.  By combining the process of painting with the psychology of lifespan development, I am able to personify universal and individual markers of developmental milestones.  To connect my personal experience to universal milestones, I paint from my own personal photographs that document my life at its many stages.  I choose these images by focusing on milestones I’ve learned to identify in my educational studies. 

I organize this information by identifying microsystems of social relationships that can serve as an example for viewers’ own relationships and experiences.  Each image is chosen as a stage marker.  The long canvas allows me to capture a sense of time.  The entire piece cannot be perceived at once; viewers must move through each moment.  I portray a person’s life and the changes that take place from birth to the current moment.