St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Kat Eisenberg / SMP 2013

Rubia Virga: Slivers

The framework of red sticks, or Slivers, are my way of forming a body. I call these bodies, entities. These red sticks are not a literal body, but rather a trace, and shadow of a human body. These entities are concepts of the human body and an externalization of the body. The red forms are projections of myself both physically and mentally, my thinking and presence on this earth.

The entities are a projection of myself in space. The space in which these entities exist in is not a place in the real world but rather one that exists in my mind. The space is the dark recesses of my mind, of the unknown.  The unknown is where the id lays, the primitive self, and thus in this realm of the unknown, our instinct rules over reason.

I believe the only way to confront the unknown is through direct, unmediated experiences. These entities are an expression of my grasp for this understanding.