St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Timothy McKay / SMP 2018

Mixed Media Paintings

Five years ago, I was an athlete at a different college. I was strong and fit. I was sharp and bold. But after the accident, none of these characteristics could be accurately attributed to me.. It was during a match that it happened. I tried to make a play but got hit in the head instead. They said it was the analytical side of my brain was hit. They were right.

My analytical brain was out of order, but my creative brain wasn’t. I took up painting and instantly realized that I had an intuitive capacity to express exactly what I was feeling in terms of color and stroke.

Fast forward to the present, my analytical brain is back in action. I study Mathematics along with Studio Art and the influence of my love and appreciation for numbers cannot be understated. However, there is no direct relationship between a number and a painting, but rather an understanding that there is a way to quantify beauty with numbers by measuring the formal elements of color, line and shape.

Yet simultaneously, quantifying these relationships is an intuitive act. Hence, there is no planning of anything specific before I begin a painting. I work in an open-ended manner with certain restrictions. That is to say, although I limit myself to self-referential lines to the gessoed rectangular piece of plywood, I allow the object and the moment to tell me what to paint.