St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Hunter Lengel / SMP 2016

My work deals with the landscape as it is and as it becomes. Landscape, as an idea, has a dual existence; the first is located within its physicality and the second in my dialectic cognition. The continuities and divergences that present themselves in both of these modalities are what interest me. The locations that I employ, span across the 200 miles of the Eastern Shore where I have spent my life.

The visual language that I explore rests squarely in the tradition of abstract painting. By abstracting the landscape, I invite the viewer to enter into a dialogue with me, the remembered landscape, and themselves. They are not simply handed all the information at first glance but must work with the piece to unveil layers of meaning. Through this process they begin a dialogue with the art. I hope this dialogue allows the viewer to exit their own individual, isolated existence and engage with a larger collaborative conversation about place. My artistic process values the inescapability of collaboration and externalities in art. In making the work, I demand external and internal inspection. This demand values the type of personal identity that is created through “extra”spection and I hope to excite this value within the viewer.