St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Hanna Guilfoyle / SMP 2015


My Grand Canyon series is an example of how I combine my artistic and scientific sensibilities. I used scientific observation to see how the layers of sediment of the Canyon were deposited over millions of years when the Southwest was still covered by a great ocean.  I laid down my pigments in layers as if they were the sediments of the Canyon. Through objective observation, I understood the vastness of time contained within the Canyon.  In Grand Canyon 1 I walk the viewer through different lighting conditions so they can see the passage of time as I saw it.  Through objective observation I understood atmospheric perspective and how the colors shifted from iron oxide reds to pastel pinks, blues, and violets. But through art, I heightened the color shifts to convey to the viewer the feeling of immense space. Thus, I have used the expressive power of art to communicate in visual terms qualities that have their basis in science, forming a complete understanding of my subject matter