St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Emily Rader / SMP 2016


I place great emphasis on the materiality of an installation. The shot, the making of the image is only the beginning of the process. I also focus a lot of energy into the display and accompanying text that goes with the series or installation. I change my technique on what I want the viewer to recognize in the work. These works and the methods of installation are designed to extend the experience of a place. The installation of the image features elements that recall the experience and place.

Washington, DC is a city that I have more experience with than almost any other place. I have done the tourist thing where you walk around the mall and see all those pretty memorials removed from any negative context. I have studied its visual culture as a politically critical artist. I have worked for the military and contractors, commuting on its public transit and eating at it’s numerous food trucks. Currently I live in the Rosslyn skyline, just a couple blocks from Georgetown. I go to see museums, and read the Washingtonian and DCist. This place is, at the present moment, my city and my environment. Washington is a city of government. The government is never opaque. If New York was a city of bright glass and steel, D.C. is a city of pollution stained marble and rusted construction.