St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Ivy Smith / SMP 2017

Honey, I Shrunk the Respect...

An Ecofeminist Approach to Understanding the Mistreatment of Women and Honey Bees in Western Society in Order to Provide Education and Inspire Activism

Ecofeminism plays an integral part in understanding both environmental ethics as well as human rights issues by analyzing the relationship between patriarchal dominance over the intersectionality that comes with feminism and the vast destruction of the planet's’ ecosystem, environment, and nature in general. Ecofeminism is key in being able to make intelligent connections between gender roles and the mistreatment of the Earth’s resources but most importantly, ecofeminism is a call for environmental justice (environmental justice being defined here as the need for every human being to have a safe and healthy environment to live in). Through the utilization of ecofeminism as the main theoretical approach, one can seek to understand the relationship between the mistreatment of women and the mistreatment of honey bees in Western society through the analysis of the multimedia artwork created by Ivy Rose Smith.