St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Morgan Beahm / SMP 2017

Lost and Found

 I am creating still life paintings of childhood objects. When I first started this series, which is called Lost and Found, I was thinking about how in childhood, I used to cherish toys: trading cards, game boys, and press pennies. These toys allowed me to escape. Escape from the outside world, from problems I am not ready to face. It might be why I hold onto my childhood, whether it is the toys or shows, so tight.  As I got older, I picked up another form of escape in painting. My adult emotions and memories of childhood are projected onto these objects that I paint. In my studio, I work on these paintings in my lap and create them with acrylic paint on wood panel. By reproducing these toys from direct observation and basically in sight size, I can hold my childhood in my hand and the viewer can perhaps get a glimpse of theirs.