St. Mary's Projects in Studio Art:

Kaitlyn Olszewski / SMP 2012

Fluid Frames

Through interaction we create a reciprocal relationships of giving and receiving a sense of “mattering”, or how much we feel important to others. This importance can affect our self‐esteem and the extent to which we use our agency to become who we wish to become. However, it is only though the development of these relationships and interactions are we able to conceive this true understanding of self. Art affords individuals the opportunity to develop a sense of themselves and helps them to develop the ability to see the world from multiple perspectives (Gude, 2009). This recognition that identity is not fixed or simple can facilitate an appreciation for the diversity that exists in communities. Through interaction, accessibility of art, and empowerment I wanted to use the opportunity of the St. Mary’s Project to create a collaborative community projects to facilitate interaction among the St. Mary’s College community and the broader county community.Through the process of creating the mural we build community through experience. We come together to become more conscious, to better understand, and when we disperse and the moment of interaction has passed, we carry our experiences with us to mold and to shape us.

Gude, Olivia. 2009. "Art Education for Democratic Life". Art Education. 62 (6): 6‐11.;
Interviews with Participants (youtube)
Walk through the mural space (youtube)