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Jaime Lawshe / St. Mary's Project, 2003

I work in a variety of media, including sculpture, installation, drawing, and photography. Visit my gallery to see images of my work, from 2001 to present. I also have a B.S. in biology, and I found that my artistic and scientific interests could be combined in both scientific illustration and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Also, check out my video works...

Welcome, 2003, incorporates a video that is projected onto a wall. The viewer sits in a recliner in a room that smells like moth balls, which are meant to evoke memories for the viewer. view Welcome, 2003

These video clips of Tunnel, 2002 are added here so you can get an idea of the space. Because it is a winding tunnel, the work in its entirety is impossible to show how one would experience it. view video of Tunnel, 2002