My work focuses on the sensate body as an object that collects, processes and stores information. Specifically, I am interested in how cognitive and visceral experiences shape our sense of self and how that self is reflected in artistic pursuits. Art can be difficult to define, but regardless of how it is interpreted, it has healing potential. Defined as a state of being, art can attempt to fill tensions that exist between man and nature, the self and the other, as well as man and himself.

On an individual level, the human body is divided from other bodies, form its environment, and often, it is divided between the knowledge and experience of itself and its unconscious mind. These are three of the most basic struggles that humans have to contend with, but these tensions are experienced because of the separation that is initially created by the physical surface of objects. Skin, in this sense, becomes very important to my work, because it is the single division between the external world and our internal selves. It is the surface on which the world and the body collide inscribing intimate details of histories, fears, and desires.

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ffup ficticious honey
Reconsciliation Detail Reconsciliation Honey Before Dawn
honeycomb honeyup inside
Surface Detail Honey Detail Inside
install1 install2 install3
Installation 1 Installation 2 Prototypical Mass
lumedo nibble squeeze
Luvmedo Nibble Squeeze
string Untitled-1 Untitled-2
String detail Untitled 1 Untitled 2