Matthew Fishel

St. Mary's Project in Studio Art

May, 2001


 Artist Statement Abstract

  As an artist, my primary concern is to learn how to paint, and to portray visual incidents effectively and efficiently. I strive to become deeply involved with the medium, and to develop and master a personal language of representation. My tendency towards representative painting comes out of a fascination or psychological involvement with the subject. Indeed, it is a way for me to feel connected to the world around me. At the same time, painting from life allows me to experiment with formal language in painting without preoccupation over a conceptual goal. I would like to paint without the pretense of emotional expression or narrative. My subject matters are often simple and personal. Really, the subject matter only goes so far towards personal meaning for the viewer. I have my friends sit for me whenever the opportunity arises, and paint still lives of sentimental objects. I am still very much a student of painting, and I would like to continue experimenting with technique and degrees of finish as long as I am making art. Each painting has an almost boundless field of possibilities at its inception, even with the simple intention of representing the physical world. I intend, whenever I paint, to learn something about painting.


Artist Statement

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 Matthew Fishel
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