Matti Havens

Saint Mary's Project 2000


I want my artwork to be something different than the traditional art experience. I would rather my work be memorable and thought provoking than beautiful. In this way my work is more about the idea of the work than the actual making of it. I think the best ways to do this is to make the pieces interactive, surprising, strange, and controversial. I use found objects as my main source of material. Just presenting some of these objects out of context and in the gallery will make them strange and surprising. There are also certain associations that go with each found object and these associations are different for each individual. Culture, society and more recently, the media, play a great part in the associations that are formed from these various objects. All of these factors will determine how the pieces are viewed and if they are controversial for the audience. The artists that best deal with these issues are Marcel Duchamp, Jeff Koons, and Mike Kelley. All these artists frequently employ the found object as their inspiration and material just as I do.

 Artist Statement




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