Gina Gwiazdowski

St. Mary's Project in Studio Art

Spring 2000


Although I use many different approaches to create art, all of my works have a common thread: I make art about my experiences with the emotional and physiological state of anxiety. I paint abstractly about different aspects of anxiety, using color to create mood and texture to create sensations that are similar to the physical sensations I feel during an anxiety attack. I create three-dimensional pieces that require the viewer to become physically involved to investigate them thoroughly, such as ascending steps, looking into openings, and touching. The unstated suggestion for action on the part of the viewer creates a response that is almost like a compulsion. By creating art, I must organize my thoughts and feelings enough to transfer them into a physical object. In this way I can separate these unpleasant emotions from the rest of myself and therefore remove them. My intentions are similar to those of Edvard Munch and Louise Bourgeois, both of whom focus on anxiety as a source for artistic inspiration, and express it in a variety of ways.




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