Stacy Conover

Out of Context

St. Mary's Project 2000

As we walk through life we experience the "outside" world inside ourselves. Our eyes bring to us the images of this outside world we call reality. Our common sense then dictates our comprehension and reaction. We are grounded within reason, habit, association, and familiarity. Our sense of reality rests on the familiarity of experience. The familiarity of everyday things are, to some degree, familiar by way of their context. The re-contexualization of commonplace objects creates an unfamiliar, altered reality. When two images, both lacking their original experience, are placed next to one another a new, unknown context is constructed.
In my work I am taking a reality from one context and placing it next to one from another context. The juxtaposition of these commonplace localities gives birth to an unidentifiable actuality. Thought and rationality do not allow us to be comfortable with the depiction of daily life out of their places. We are so accustomed with the individual elements in terms of their context that the struggle between knowledge and reason does not allow us to accept their altered existence on a physical level or as a truth.

Artist Statement



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